Our Philosophy

Austin Peay State University Art Department Philosophy:

Vision Statement

The Department of Art's vision is to provide a structured, creative environment that enables students to ask questions, solve problems, and take risks as they gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for a meaningful and productive life as global citizens.

Education Goals for an APSU Art Major

The Department of Art seeks to provide an opportunity and favorable conditions for students to construct their own education. They should acquire the means of making self-education the rewarding experience of a lifetime. Given this opportunity, each student should develop:

A basic comprehension, through the foundations program, of the theoretical application of the visual elements and the principles of design;

A thorough understanding of the specific concentration in order to enter a chosen profession, undertake advanced study, or develop an avocation for lifelong creative expression;

The reading writing, and speaking skills necessary in order to participate constructively in an ongoing dialogue with the discipline;

An understanding of the history of art;

An awareness of the diverse cultures and experiences that define contemporary society;

An ability to cultivate personal ideas and interests through problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.