The department offers 10 equipped, well-used and accessible studio / classroom:

Art Education Classroom

Equipped and designed to approximate an art room at the elementary or secondary education level

Art History Lecture Hall

54- seat tiered multimedia classroom that features rear-screen and LCD projection with large screen and internet access

Ceramics Studio

Areas for clay storage and mixing - hand building and throwing - glazing and drying - electric, gas and wood firing

Drawing Studio

20 drawing easels with multiple still life and model staging areas

Graphic Design and Illustration

efficient work tables and critique board set-up

Mac Computer Labs (2)

State of the art Macintosh Computers, multiple scanners, large scale printers, video and sound equipment in a multimedia classroom with LCD large-screen projector Also available: mobile lap top cart

Painting Studio

20 painting easels and taborets with still ife and model staging areas

Photography Darkroom
and Studios

Large film darkrooms, film loading and developing, photo shooting and finishing areas, equipped for digital photography and studio lighting

Printmaking Studio / Goldsmith Press and Rare Type Collection

Work space and presses for relief, intaglio, lithography, monoprint, silkscreen and letterpress printing - large collection (200 fonts) of wood type

Scultpure Studio / Wood
and Metal Shop

Wood and metal shop equipment - power and hand tools, gas and electric welding, metal casting, stone and wood carving materials