Branding & Creative

Hostess Twinkies Branding, Packaging & Merchandise
TRUE Sports Company Icon Concept
Fat Mo's - Branding, Packaging & Menu Redesign
Long Island Beach Sharks Branding
Cybernetic Cabaret Branding
Hillbilly Classic Restorations - Logo, Business Card & Event Signage

Marketing & Advertising

HZRDUS Smoke iM10 Ad Campaign
Project X Sales Presentation
TRUE Lax Custom Program Sales Packet
Project X Blackout Steel PGA Magazine Ad
True Temper Golf Youtube Page - Banner & Video Thumbnails
HZRDUS One Piece Hybrid Bat Sales Packet & Golden Ticket

Product Graphic Design

Catalyst Series Wordmark & Stick Graphics
Zerolyte Series Wordmark & Handle/Protective Graphics
Old Bay Seasoning x TRUE Attack Handle Graphics
Funny Fill-Ins Word Game Valentines Graphics/Packaging
PGA Masters Tournamnet 2020 Hat, Shirt, & Towel Designs
Dynamic Gold Variant Game of Thrones Giveaway Shaft Graphics

Books & Catalogs

2021-22 Lacrosse Product Catalog
EvenFlow Brand Guidelines
Binary Steel & Graphite Product Guide
Virginia Overton Catalog
FilterMart Product Catalog
Seinfeld: The Switch - Rhetorical Devices Book

Featured Graphic Design

Best. Movie. Year. Ever. - Book Cover Design
Arrested Development - Season 4 DVD Cover Design
Office Space Movie Poster
Plastic Man - Variant Comic Cover
Halloween Novelty Bottle Labels
17th Annual Rendezvous on the Range T-Shirt Design
Best of the Basement Juried Graphic Design Show Poster
Citypages - October 2012 Issue Cover
UofM Focus Fest 2017 Poster
True Temper / Project X PGA Tour Van Graphics
Perfect Fit Puzzles - Logo & Packaging Examples
Personal Business Card Designs
1st Annual True Temper Tuesday at DiMillos T-Shirt
Pizza Inn - Business Card Demonstration
Cooper Young Festival 2020 4 Miler T-Shirt Design
Flat Earth Society - Parody Logo
Bluth Cola Co. - Series 1 & 2 Flavors

Web Design

True Temper Golf Landing Page Mockup Elevate Takeover & Proejct X Blackout Takeover
Project X - Homepage, Menu and Product Page

Motion Graphics & Animation

That's Fake News, Folks!
CYPHER Teaser Video
CYPHER Video Ad Campaign
True Temper School Lesson: Black RDX vs. Blue RDX
Project X LS Product Comparison
It's Not a Lie if You Believe It


Battle of the Stretchies
8-bit, Rightside Up
Out of this World Valentine's Day Robot Collection
TN Strong Mask Movement Campaign Concept
Wasteland Drinkin' Buddies
Man-Eating Goat
Danny DeVito
Premium Quality Red Baron - Linocut Print
Exotic 2020
That's Fake News, Folks!
Trick or Treat Sweeties
Mega Mr. Mime Evolution
Dimension 35-C Travel Poster
I Said Hey! What's Going On?
Hillbilly Classic Restorations Pin-Up Girl
Existence is Pain
We're Putting Cover Sheets on All TPS Reports Now
Back to the Future 2015 Bash Invitation


True Display Typeface
Frozen Lemonade Typeface
Nerdz Typeface & Postcard
The Marvelous Maximilian Typeface
Thrice as Nice Typeface & Card Deck
A Brief History of Typography

Propaganda in Advertising — Thesis Work

Propaganda Technique: Glittering Generalities
Propaganda Technique: Transfer
Propaganda Technique: Testimonial
Propaganda Technique: Bandwagon
Propaganda Technique: Plain Folks
Propaganda Technique: Card Stacking
Propaganda Technique: Name Calling
Be Half Surrogate Solutions -Animated gif
Be Half Surrogate Solutions -Instagram Campaign
Insidi-O X-Ray Glasses - Ad 1
Insidi-O X-Ray Glasses - Ad 2
Insidi-O X-Ray Glasses - Ad 3

Name That Show!

Seven Stranded Castaways
I Love it When A Plan Comes Together
Yadda Yadda Yadda
Voted Worst Bar in Philly
We're All Alright
You Only YOLO Once
Defenders & Enemies of Grayskull
The Flea and the Acrobat
Crystal Blue Persuasion
Residents of Sunnyvale
Adventures in Super Science
Mystery Shack Owner & Employees